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arrowhead n : the pointed head or striking tip of an arrow

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arrow + head


  1. The pointed part of an arrow (the weapon).
  2. The pointed part of an arrow (the symbol).
  3. Any plant in the genus Sagittaria.


the pointed part of an arrow
  • German: Pfeilspitze
  • Hungarian: nyílhegy
  • German: Pfeilspitze
  • Hungarian: nyíl
  • German: Pfeilkraut
  • Hungarian: nyílfű

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An arrowhead is point of an arrow, or a shape resembling such a point; as archaeological artifacts arrowheads are a subclass of projectile points.
Arrowheads are found all over the world. Archaeologically they are usually made of stone: primarily being flint, obsidian, or cherts; however in many excavations bone, wooden and metal arrowheads have been found.
In North America, Arrowheads are sometimes mistakenly attributed to the Historic Period American Indians, but are actually from North America's prehistoric ancestors; some arrowheads date back to over 15,000+ years old (Paleo-Clovis Culture).
In Scandinavia during the Viking age a wide range of arrowheads were used for a variety of tasks.
Arrowheads are attached to arrow shafts and may be "thrown", with by means of such as an Atlatl (similar to a spear thrower), or fired from a bow.

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